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The Rules

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1 The Rules on Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:44 pm


You MUST follow the rules, or what you have been told to do by a staff member (an Administrator or Moderator). You will risk being banned if you do not do so.

The Rules

1. Respect the members of the forum. A guest is not a member, do whatever you want to them.

2. No pornography or erotic material. You can post stuff like that in the Spam forum though, just make sure to use the NWS tag.

3. Do not swear. It is acceptable if you swear now and then, but don't go Rambo with your mouth.

4. No racism (unless its in a song lyric). We do not respect members who are intolerant of such petty things. You can and will be disgraced and have your profile vandalized for all of the forum to see if you do not follow this rule.

5. Bumping and double posting are discouraged. Its okay to bump a thread now and then, or double post when it is needed, but don't do it often.

Those are the main rules. Keep in mind that you can get banned for any reason, or no reason at all, even if you have followed the rules. If you honestly think your ban was unjust, please report it to me, or another staff member (obviously not to the one that banned you).

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Apulko » Apulko » News » The Rules

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